After completing a great workout & burning a right amount of calories, we tend to crave two things: delicious food and a refreshing drink. A cheat meal that could consist of a burger, fries, and soda is usually the answer but for those who choose to remain disciplined & on the healthier side of things, this list will probably make their day.

I admit I’ve felt like ignoring nutritional advice after getting in a good workout session, but the reality is that unless I replace those burned calories with quality calories, specifically complex carbs, and protein, then I’m setting myself back to square one. For your body and muscles to recover faster, you need to eat right. Therefore, you need to hold off on that cheat meal a little longer.

Instead, go with the healthier choice, feed your body and muscles the right nutrients so that when you head to the gym, you can continue to push the limit and reach the goals you set for yourself. I’m about to list ten of the best post-workout snacks recommended by nutritionist & best selling author Toby Amidor. Now, I don’t expect you to try all of them but at least do yourself a favor and try some of these on the list. I’ve tried them all, and my favorite is none other than….the only guess I’ll give you is that it’s number one on the list.

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