It’s no secret that Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo are not the best of friends, but their rivalry finally came full circle when the Rockets played the Lakers in Los Angeles. It all started when James Harden attempted to drive to the basket and draw a foul on Brandon Ingram. Harden demanded that the foul was called instead of waiting for them to decide on the right call.

That’s when Ingram decided to shove Harden out of the way, and both sets of players came between the situation and the two veteran point guards faced off. While the other players tried to diffuse the situation, Paul and Rondo had a heated argument, in an attempt to defend their teammate, when suddenly the Rondo spat on Paul, and all hell broke after that.

Paul furiously reacted by shoving his index finger to Rondo’s face before the players exchanged punches. Ingram pulled away from his confrontation with Harden by teammate Lance Stephenson, got involved; by sucker punching the President of the NBA Players Association before LeBron James pulled Paul away.

Rockets recent signing Carmelo Anthony was critical of Rondo’s actions per ESPN by saying:

“Yeah, that’s unacceptable. That’s blatant disrespect. You don’t even see that in the streets.”

Referees had no choice but to eject all three players from the game with less than 5 minutes to play. The NBA investigated the video footage of Rondo spitting on Paul per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, and served the players with their suspensions. The suspensions are as follows: Paul = 2 games. Rondo = 3 games. Ingram = 4 games.

Flip the page to watch CP3 and Rondo exchange punches, with Ingram jumping in too.

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