Yes, we’ve all been guilty of skipping our warm up and jumping straight into the workout more than once or twice. While most of us get away with it more often than not, it’s recommended that we warm up our muscles and joints before any sort of physical activity, as a way to avoid mild or severe injury.

In most cases, people are concerned about “wasting” time on the warm-up and are more focused on the time they have to complete their 5 sets of deadlifts or bench press. To ease those with time concerns here is a five-minute warm-up composed by Aubrey Watts, that will not only enhance your strength training but will help you add a few more sets in your deadlift session.

Aubrey Watts is the current coaching education coordinator for the United States Olympic Committee & is a former coordinator and assistant strength coach at the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Watts recommends using a foam roller to relieve any sort of pain and tension in the muscles that will be targetted during the workout.

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