Less than 24 hours after Blake Griffin secured the first 50 point game of the season, Steph Curry decided it was time to once again remind us that it really may be Steph’s World, and the rest of the NBA players are just living in it.

Curry was in his zone from the tip-off and there was nothing John Wall, Bradley Beal or the Washington Wizards could do about it. Curry managed to score 19 points in a just 9 minutes of the first quarter, solidifying his status again that he’s the greatest shooter the game has ever seen. Not that it was his status was in doubt anyway.

Curry’s eleven 3-pointers (11-16 3 pt FG) moved him passed scoring veteran and three-time 6th Man of the Year Jamal Crawford into 5th place in the all-time 3-pointers list, and he also got 6 assist and 4 rebounds to go along with what many would call an ‘unbelievably insane’ performance. Steve Kerr benched Curry for the entire fourth quarter as the Warriors won 144-122.

We can only imagine what sort of records Curry would’ve broken if he played that fourth quarter. One thing is certain, Curry will get another chance, in fact, he’ll get multiple, and I’m willing to make a bold prediction, Curry can easily break Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game this season if he’s allowed to play close to an entire game when he’s in his zone.

Watch Curry drop 51 points in just 31 minutes on the next page.

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