When Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors two years ago in arguably the most anticipated free agency in history, the two-time NBA Finals MVP shifted the balance of the league like no other player ever has. 99% of NBA analysts and fans penciled down the Warriors as champions before the 2016/17 season tipped off. Durant has now won two consecutive NBA championships and a third title isn’t out of reach.

Durant is likely to shift the balance of the league once again when he becomes a free agent next season. A big payday is long overdue for Durant, and he has confirmed that he won’t accept any more pay cuts.

Durant told The Athletic:

“I am thinking about the money I’m going to get, I never got the (massive) deal. I’ve just seen a bunch of dudes around the league making so much money — and I’m happy for them. But I know I deserve that, too. That’s the only thing I’m probably thinking about, to be honest.”

Two teams, that will be happy to hear these quotes? New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers. Both big market teams will have over $30 million the next offseason and be in a position to pursue a max contract. For the Knicks, it’s a matter of the front office getting Kristaps Porzingis to wait for his max and make KD the priority. As for the Lakers, they’ll have around $30-38 million in cap space which is more than enough to sign the two-time NBA Finals MVP next summer.

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