He doesn’t always go off but when he does, Klay Thompson is unstoppable. The shooting guard was 5-36 from 3-point range prior to his sensational shooting performance versus the Chicago Bulls. With Steph Curry (51 points) and Kevin Durant (41 points) already securing their first 40+ point games of the season last week, many wondered when would Klay join the Warriors scoring party.

Arguably one of the best two-way players in the league, Thompson scored 52 points in 27 minutes versus the Bulls in Chicago and surpassed his fellow Splash Bro, 3-point record for a single game with 14 threes made while getting himself 5 rebounds. Thompson only had 52 touches all game. Thompson did all of this with 4 minutes 53 seconds left in the 3rd quarter before Steve Kerr benched him for the remainder of the game, so just like with Curry’s 51 versus the Wizards, one can only wonder what would’ve happened had Thompson played some part in the 4th quarter. It ain’t far-fetched to think that if he remained in the game, Thompson probably would’ve done the unthinkable and scored 20 threes.

Also worth noting that this was Thompson’s third career game reaching half a century of points. In all three, he reached the 50-point mark before the 3rd quarter ended. In case anyone ever doubted his shooting ability, a case can be made that Thompson is the second-best shooter in the league and if it wasn’t for Curry, it’s Thompson who would be considered the best shooter the game has ever seen.

Flip the page to watch all of Klay’s 52 points including his record-breaking 14 threes.

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