A year and four months since his last album release, Vince Staples surprised his fans by dropping FM!. Unlike his past work such as Big Fish Theory and Summertime, FM! is an EP full of hits, as the Long Beach rapper finally looks to embrace his commercial success.

A summer record released in the fall per Rolling Stones, FM! is a project that has substantial replay value despite being only twenty-two minutes long. The EP features the legendary Big Boy’s Neighborhood, which helps give FM! an authentic radio feel, something that a lot of drivers can relate to when going through the traffic pains of Los Angeles on a daily. Jay Rock, Ty Dolla, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyga, Kehlani and E-40 also feature on Staples’ latest project.

Kenny Beatz is the leading producer on FM!, and he was able to showcase his signature sounds throughout the EP proving why he is one of the best producers in hip-hop today. Staples also released the music video for a song titled FUN!, via Google Maps. Don’t believe it?

Flip the page to watch Vince Staples new music video, one that may go down as the most creative of the year.

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