When there are less than 10 seconds to go & the game is on the line, very few players in the league are trusted with taking the potential winning shot. One of the few is Kevin Durant.

However, teammate Draymond Green felt otherwise when he dismally tried to win the game versus the Clippers on his own. Green’s refusal to defer to Durant with 0:05 seconds in the 4th quarter resulted in a Warriors’ overtime loss in Los Angeles. It’s what happened afterward that’s got everyone talking.

After Green ignored Durant’s call for the ball, the reigning 2-time Finals MVP called out the 2016/17 DPOY during the huddle per NBA Insider Chris Haynes. Not only did Green refuse to accept his error, since he literally failed to make a play (pass or shoot), the power forward called Durant a ‘B***h’ on multiple occasions during their altercation on the bench.

The situation between Green & Durant got even worst at the locker room, to the point were Klay Thompson, who is known to be the most reserved player within the roster, intervened to the surprise of his teammates & reiterated the importance of sticking together.

Steve Kerr & the Warriors organization felt that Green took his disagreement with Durant too far & reacted by benching the three-time NBA All-Star for the game versus Atlanta Hawks without pay.

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