Planking is relatively simple and easy to execute if done correctly, but too many people still allow common mistakes to get the best of them rather than getting the full benefits of this proven and effective exercise all due to getting their form wrong.

Here are some common mistakes:

1. Not keeping your elbows directly underneath your shoulders
2. Buttocks drop instead of keeping it up.
3. Letting your back sink.
4. Keeping your head down and watching the clock instead of looking straight up and focusing.

I wrote this guide to help those that feel they are struggling to complete the plank section of my simple workout:

1. Firstly, you must start off by laying face down, flat on your mat. Slide your elbows below the shoulders.

2. By extending your legs, this will allow you to create a robust long line. Make sure to tuck in your toes underfoot.

3. Place your elbows into the mat and press up, coming onto the balls of your feet, because the intention is to create a bit of tension in your body without lifting your backside. Think about it this way; you’re resisting your lower body push with your upper body by pushing your elbows down into the floor toward your feet.

4. Lastly, pull your belly button up and in toward your spine and tuck your hips by tilting your pelvis. Reason for this is because it will allow you to squeeze your glutes and get a better core workout.

If you follow this guide correctly, your muscle fibers will be hard at work (increased intensity) thus producing better results. Having a strong core is vital to your health.

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