For those who chose to attend the University of North Carolina vs Duke game with particular interest to watch teenage sensation Zion Williamson live, instead of tickets going for your usual regular season NCAA prices, they were being sold at Super Bowl type prices.

Tickets for one of the best rivalries in college sports are usually a little more than normal prices this time of the year but for this game, tickets were selling for $3 000 and above. One ticket sold for $ 10 652 per ESPN. For a college game, that’s insane.

Spike Lee and Barack Obama were some of the celebrities who flew to Durham, North Carolina to watch the student-athlete, who is favored to become the 2019 NBA No.1 overall draft pick. Unfortunately, Williamson suffered a freak accident within the first minute of the most highly anticipated college game of the year when he broke through his Nike shoe. North Carolina Tar Heels beat Duke Blue Devils 88 -72.

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