Kareem Abdul-Jabbar continues to prove why he is as impactful off the court as he was on it, by auctioning his most prestigous valuables that were awarded to him during his hall of fame career.

Abdul-Jabbar auctioned his NBA MVP trophies, championship rings and other memorabilia for close to $3 million per Bleacher Report.

Abdul-Jabbar, who started the auction back in September 2018 said:

“Much of the proceeds from my auction will go to support my charity, the Skyhook Foundation, whose mission is to ‘give kids a shot that can’t be blocked.’ We do this by sending children from economically challenged schools to five days in the Angeles National Forest to experience the wonders of nature and learn the basics about science, technology, and engineering.

“Camp Skyhook is an immersive hands-on experience that takes kids out of school for five days and four nights. They go from auditory learning to utilizing all of their senses in the great outdoors. Our hope is not just to get them out of the city to commune with the outdoors, but to stimulate an interest in the sciences that might lead them to fulfilling careers.”

A résumé that includes six NBA championships, six NBA MVPs, two NBA Finals MVPs, Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most accomplished athletes in basketball history. The ex-Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks superstar is also the NBA’s all-time leader in points scored, as the center averaged 24.6 points, 11.2 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game for his career. Abdul-Jabbar is also an award winning columnist.

President Barack Obama awarded Abdul-Jabbar the Presidential Medal of Freedom, recognizing his social justice activism since his amateur playing days. 20 year old Abdul-Jabbar boycotted the 1968 Olympics to protest racial inequality.

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